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Forestry Operations Update

The WLRA has had a conversation with the Senior Forester at Canoe Forest Products about the current operations on the White Lake peninsula. The expectation that we expressed was that the trucking operation coming through the W.L. community was quiet and safe. We have also had a conversation with the harvest operations supervisor and relayed these concerns as well. They stated the logging truck operators have been advised of the concern of no engine retarders in the community areas and to observe all posted speed limits. The WLRA will report any complaints back to the Company so they can take remedial action to correct any problem. What would assist them is the truck number (yellow placard) or truck colour and time and place of any incident. 

      The operation off the Parri FSR is expected to last another three to four weeks. The reason for the early start is that the daily operation can complete by early afternoon to reduce wildfire risk in the afternoon heat.

      Once again we will pass along all comments good and bad as we believe that the company is serious about stewardship and community relations. We can all judge by the safe and considerate actions that we observe. Drop a note to

      Regards from the WLRA executive.


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