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It doesn't matter how much time you can give or what your strengths are, if you care about the White Lake Community at all, there is a place for your within the WLRA.


Here are some ways that you can be involved....

Become a Member

Just by being a member in good standing, you are advocating for White Lake in 2 ways, financially and by increasing strength in numbers. As a member you can also choose to receive our correspondence regarding important meetings and issues. You will also receive invitations to share your feelings on specific matters via survey. This feedback is what the directors use when determining what community residents want the WLRA to focus on. Click here to BECOME A MEMBER.


Want to contribute to keeping this an amazing place to live? We need people to come along side Committee Chair Leaders to help turn passion into reality. If you have time to donate twice a year or on a regular basis please contact us so we can discover together the best fit for you!


We manage on a very small operating budget of roughly $5000 per year but those funds need to come from somewhere and every little bit counts. Our income comes from dues and fundraising but your donations allow us to focus on community needs rather than fundraising. If you'd like to donate click HERE. Thank you!

Committee Chair Leaders

These leaders head up specific projects that directly impact White Lake residents. They are supported and empowered to take charge of what matters to them and to directly communicate with the directors. If you are passionate about advocating for a specific matter important to you and White Lake residents, this is the perfect role for you!


The board of directors attend monthly meetings to tend to the business of running an effective organization. Each takes on a specific role in the organization above and beyond the projects that they choose to be involved in. If you are business minded and interested in providing vision, making decisions, and ensuring the longevity and health of the WLRA please contact us and ask to be put in touch with the nominating committee chairperson. 

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