What is the WLRA and our Mission?

The White Lake Residents Association is a Certified Registered Not-for-profit Society that was incorporated in 2008 to help serve the needs of the community and help protect its values and the health of the White Lakes and surrounding environment. All actions performed by the WLRA are by local volunteers who donate hundreds of hours toward the benefit of all community residents. WLRA was initially formed to address residents' concerns of planned logging in the surrounding hills. Over the past ten years the society has become an advocate and voice regarding a plethora of varied subjects.


Who makes up the WLRA?


The society is run by and for residents of the community. Members, volunteers, committee chair leaders, and directors create a network of advocates with the communities best interests in mind. 

What has WLRA done?

- Established working relationships with:

          - BC Premiers Office

          - Provincial Shuswap MLA

          - Federal Shuswap MP

          - CSRD

          - Area C Director

          - BC Forest Ministry

          - BC Timber Sales

          - BC Highways

          - BC Fisheries

          - BC Parks

- Secured agreements with BCTS regarding responsible log harvesting in our area.

- Responsible for initiating a lake study on White Lake and 12 other BC lakes, resulting in the largest lake study in Region 3. - Collected and submitted 500 fish samples to TRU for documenting information

- Implemented a 5 yr study plan for fish activity in White Lake

- Initiated a 1 yr lake water sampling program through BCTS to assess the possible impacts of Urea fertilization of the surrounding forests

- Secured a 5 yr road work improvement plan for Settle Road

- Initiated major road repair work on the main White Lake road

- Built & installed 6 community notice boards at all White Lake mail delivery sites

- Host the Annual Fall Community Fun Day BBQ's.

- Built & installed boxes to receive a local community information based newspaper, "The Scoop".

- Worked with BC Parks & STA to re-opened Cedar Creek Spawning Trail.

- Built a new entrance into the cedar creek trail to help protect its natural values.

- Worked with the CSRD & Stewardship Group to install new lake buoys for lake protection.

- Conducted meetings for discussions regarding a local playground for residents within the CSRD Parks Plan.

What is WLRA doing now?


- Continuing to collaborate with the Ministry of Forests and BCTS regarding local log harvests

- Partnering with BC Parks and BC Fisheries with lake issues

- Working with JPW & Department of Highways regarding community road issues

- Advocating for community values and needs when approaching the CSRD

- Organizing the Annual Community Fun Day BBQ

- Continuing to grow our membership

- Maintaining the notice boards

- Launching this website

- Promote involvement of residents within the community

- Request input from all community residents for ongoing projects/issues/activities.

- Launching an independent lake water testing and monitoring program