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Community Safety Update

Over the past two years, the WLRA has explored and reviewed various programs

and approaches with the objective being to ensure the White Lake area remains

safe and secure. A number of community meetings, including presentations by

the RCMP have taken place to assess the level and impact of criminal activity in

the area and to identify steps that could be taken to mitigate the impact of crime

or illegal activity on citizens living in the area.

To ensure community concerns were identified, a survey was conducted in 2018.

245 survey forms were sent out via Canada Post to mail boxes in White Lake and a

secure drop off box was placed at the White Lake Hall to allow anonymity of the

respondents. The survey was also advertised on the White Lake Group Page with

the opportunity to fill out the survey electronically. A total of 22 hard copy

responses and one electronic response were received.

While the response rate was disappointing, the key message from those who

responded indicated that their major concern was that White Lake remains a safe

area to live. It was also expressed that residents were interested in having fact

based suspicious activity communicated through the White Lake Group page or

the WLRA Web page. Respondents also indicated a level of interest in learning

more about “target hardening” their property to reduce the risk for crime. The

RCMP is prepared to provide such a presentation but relies on us to determine

the best time to allow maximum participation.

With respect to our current community safety situation, discussions were held

with the RCMP earlier this week. The calls for service are virtually identical to the

past year, numbering approximately 50. This includes all calls, from Assisting the

Coroner, assisting the general public (i.e. lost or found property), property crime

such as theft, impaired driving, and dangerous use of a firearm. A marginal

increase in property crime (vehicle theft) and impaired driving complaints are

noted, but no significant increase in any other criminal activity.

While White Lake appears to continue to be relatively safe, it is important that

citizens be vigilant, be aware of suspicious activity in the area, and report those

cases which are clearly suspicious. In terms of a presentation on target hardening

property, we seek your input on the ongoing interest in having such a

presentation during the summer/fall of 2019.

Thanks you and have a safe summer.

Garry Loeppky


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