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Community Safety

South Shuswap Scoop 2019

White Lake Residents Association Reviews Safety Survey

By Garry Loeppky

Over the last year, the White Lake Residents Association has explored and

reviewed programs such as Block Watch, Rural Crime Watch, and Citizens on

Patrol with the objective to ensure that the White Lake area remains safe and

secure. A number of community meetings, including presentations by the RCMP,

have taken place to assess the level and impact of criminal activity in the area,

and to identify steps that could be taken to mitigate the impact of crime or illegal

activity on citizens living in the White Lake area.

As discussions evolved, it was determined that one of the key components of any

approach to community safety was to have the residents of White Lake identify

what their concerns were and to invite feedback on how best to deal with issues

that might be identified.

As a result, a one page survey was developed with 14 questions and distributed to

all residents of White Lake in mid July 2018. Hard copies were mailed out to all

Canada Post mail recipients in White Lake, the survey was advertised on the

White Lake Group page, as well as the White Lake Residents Association Facebook

page, and respondents were invited to complete the survey, whether in hard copy

or on line. A secure drop off point was placed at the White Lake Community Hall

to ensure anonymity, and the deadline for completion of the survey was August

18 th .

The survey results were reviewed after the deadline for completion of the survey

concluded on August 18th and a presentation was provided to the executive of

the White Lake Residents Association in October on the feedback received.

Despite a disappointingly low level of response, it was found that there is a high

level of interest from those who did complete the survey expressing a desire to

ensure that White Lake remains a safe environment for those living in the area.

When residents were asked how important it was for them to have a safe

environment/community. 95% of respondents said this was very important.

The importance of a close relationship of those living in the area and awareness

of suspicious activity in neighboring properties was identified as a key component

to deterring, or reporting crime or suspicious activity when it occurs. It was also

noted that residents were interested in fact based suspicious activity or

occurrences being made public through such forums as the White Lake Residents

Association Web Page or the White Lake Group page.

With respect to individual property protection, residents also expressed an

interest in having an educational presentation on how to “target harden” their

property and assets to deter criminal activity. Target hardening is the process of

making a property secure to reduce the risk for crimes.

It was also noted that several residents expressed concern about excessive speed

by vehicles travelling on the roads in the White Lake area especially where

pedestrians are present. However, it was also pointed out that in general,

vehicles slow down when pedestrians are observed.

The White Lake Residents Association is now reviewing the feedback provided in

the survey to determine the way forward. The White Lake Residents Association Web page – is an excellent venue as an educational and information venue for those residing in the community and can play a role in keeping citizens informed, whether it relates to community safety or other important issues for the area.


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