White Lake, BC

    White Lake is a thriving, natural, and picturesque community located 20 minutes north of Salmon Arm right in the heart of the Shuswap Lake region. Approximately 300 homes are nestled around the two lakes (White Lake and Little White Lake) and roughly 900 people call this home. The natural beauty of this place is everywhere. The lake waters are stunningly clear, the forests are mature and beautiful, and wildlife is abundant.


    All four seasons offer recreation at its finest including fishing, hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, swimming, ice skating and hockey, disc golf, a playground and sports court, camping, ice fishing, and more. The White Lake Community Hall is the hub of social activity hosting several dances, parties, and barbeques throughout the year. The heart of the community is the residents. People make time for each other here. Being neighbourly is at the core of who we are and yet the lifestyle here offers space and serenity when you need it. 


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