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More logging proposed for the White Lake Operating Area. Apr 2024

BCTS (British Columbia Timber Sales) has announced its intention to put numerous cut blocks to tender in our immediate area, which has the potential to see a significant increase of activity in the White Lake area.

Local residents whose properties are directly impacted by the logging proposal have been notified by mail of BCTS’ intent but many White Lake residents are not aware of the activities which have been proposed.

If you have received a letter from BCTS it is imperative that you respond prior to the May 3rd deadline with any questions or concerns. Whether or not your property is directly affected, the activity will have some degree of impact on the entire community.

Logging has always been an economic staple for British Columbia. The intent of this letter is not to speak against the harvesting of our resources but to create an awareness and accountability that ensures preservation of not only our forests but of the livelihoods, lifestyle, and livability of the community in which we live.

BCTS is required to consult with the local community in regard to any proposed logging sales and activity. The information that they have provided to date has been vague. This consultation process provides an opportunity for our community to seek clarity on the proposed work and to ensure that any harvesting is done with consideration to the impact on the community regarding concerns, which include:

  • Watershed security

  • Water quality – sediment & other contaminants

  • Truck traffic and community safety

  • Road maintenance

  • Wildlife & Fisheries

  • Tourism

  • Hydrological activity - the properties and movement of water on and below the earth's surface

  • Wildfire mitigation strategies

  • Forest health

  • Effects of climate change

The WLRA has been actively engaged in consultation with various agencies and associated government ministries for many years. Our aim is to protect & preserve our community while striking a balance between economic growth and sustainability. WLRA is your community’s collective voice which is working to ensure that any proposed changes or other significant events that impact our community are conducted with the interest of the community as the priority consideration. If you would like more information about this or the WLRA, please feel free to contact us directly or visit the WLRA website at If you are not already a member of WLRA we would encourage you to consider membership. Membership strengthens our collective voice and helps to ensure that you have access to ongoing correspondence and awareness of these and other issues which impact our community.


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