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White Lake Community Clean Up

Hello all!

     We can meet in person again! Woo hoo! You're invited to be at the hall from 10:00 to 10:30 to say hi to our neighbours, grab supplies (bags/gloves/vests), and enjoy some treats before heading to pick up litter. Thank you so much for serving your community and helping keep it beautiful for everyone to enjoy. I really think it is making a difference. It seems like each year there is less garbage and I think that is largely in part to people not wanting to litter in a clean place. As always please leave garbage bags/piles on White Lake Road for pick up at 2pm. The trucks will drive around and load up. No need to bring it to the hall but it does need to be on White Lake Road. 


The street assignments are listed below. Please email if you have any questions. 

WLR - Carlin to A-frame cabin (Johnsons) 

WLR - A-frame cabin to Bergstrom (Scafes) 

WLR - Bergstrom to Nayki (Herseys) 

WLR - Nayki to bridge - (Zuidhofs & Heides) 

WLR - bridge to bike park (Jane Darnell) 

WLR - bike park to Hautala (Sherry Klemmensen) 

WLR - Hautala to Brian Every corner (Gamblins) 

WLR - Brian Every Corner to Hendrickson (David Blaine & Susan Kerr)

WLR - Hendrickson to Chevron (Marie Richter)

WLR Frontage Road (Shirley Bates + Crowies) 

Hendrickson (Shirley Bates + Crowies) 

Nayki & Hautala (Kim Jolley) 

Lakeview Heights (Cindy Krzyzewski) 

Parri - Firehall/Community Hall/Boat Launch/Park (Marty Gibbons)

Parri - Provincial Park to Hugh Road Park (Cooks)

Parri - WLR to Hugh Road Park (Pam McLeod)

Parri - Hugh Road Park (Zuidhofs)

Parri - Gravel section to the the provincial park gate - (NEEDED)

Heron & Schmid (Gaynors)

Settle & Pakka (Hal Dyck) 

Argyle & Salo (Ashlie DC)

Dump run truck #1 - Shirley Bates

Dump run truck #2 - Marty Gibbons

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