White Lake Community Clean Up

Hello all!

     Thank you so much for serving your community and helping keep it beautiful for everyone to enjoy. I'll include a list of sections for clean up below. Please select one or a few depending on what you feel up to and let us know so we can post it here so we don't double up. We have garbage bags, visibility vests, and gloves available. Please email info@wlra.ca or call Shaun at 250 803 4670 and we'll bring you what you need. 

WLR - Carlin to A-frame cabin (Johnsons)

WLR - A-frame cabin to Bergstrom (Scafes)

WLR - Bergstrom to Nayki (Herseys)

WLR - Nayki to bridge - (Zuidhoffs)

WLR - bridge to bike park (Jane Darnell)

WLR - bike park to Hautala (Sherry Klemmensen)

WLR - Huatala to Brian Every corner (Ellen Turtle)

WLR - Brian Every Corner to Hendrickson (Sheila Cook)

WLR - Hendrickson to Chevron (Marie Richter)

WLR Frontage Road (Shirley Bates & Cam Crowie)

Hendrickson (Cam Crowie)

Nayki & Hautala (Kim Jolley)

Lakeview Heights (Cindy Krzyzewski)

Parri - Firehall/Community Hall/Boat Launch/Park (Marty Gibbons)

Parri - Provincial Park to Hugh Road Park (Kerry Aylard)

Parri - WLR to Hugh Road Park (Pam McLeod)

Heron & Schmid (Gaynors)

Settle (Hal Dyck)

Argyle and Salo (Ashlie DC)